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First aid for your indoor air challenges

We secure temporarily the indoor air purity and keep your premises in productive use.

Sisäilmalähetti Oy is specialized in monitoring indoor air quality and the temporary protection of compromized premises. By combining customer experience development with latest filtering technology we are ensuring the most innovative solutions available.


The Swiss IQAir® air cleaners are suited for both home and office environments and have stayed on top of comparison and rating lists for decades. Brand icleen® is a well-known product range, designed for professional use, from the same manufacturer.

Sisäilmalähetin henkilökuntaa

Our INNOSUOMI awarded concept expedites and ensures achieving a good result in solving indoor air problems and other challenges related to indoor air control. In our service, we provide the facility users with temporary protection and maintain the facilities in productive use before achieving solutions to the actual indoor air problem. School, hospital, or other public space, you will get immediate help and understanding of how indoor air quality problems are treatable – a smart solution for indoor air purification.

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