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Products for the improvement of indoor environments

Solutions for professionals by professionals. Your partner both locally and globally.

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Instead of simply offering a huge collection of products to choose from, we use our expertise and choose only the best products that will actually help to improve the quality of indoor air. Here at Sandbox we aim to understand the true indoor air needs of our customers and therefore only use the best manufacturers and products in the world.

IQAir® and icleen® air purifiers

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The Swiss IQAir® air cleaners are suited for both home and office environments and have stayed on top of comparison and rating lists for decades. Brand icleen® is a well-known product range, designed for professional use, from the same manufacturer.


Do you have high quality products that enhance the indoor environment and which you would like to bring to the Finnish market? We have a well appreciated expert organization serving professional customers nationwide.


Where to buy our imported products?


  • IQAir® air purifiers

  • icleen® air purifiers


  • IQAir® air purifiers

  • Airinum and Cambridge face masks

  • Chikuno Cubes

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